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Dear fellow Texans,

It is time to announce my retirement from
Goat Yoga Texas to focus on raising our
new little girl and to move forward
to new opportunities.

This decision has not been made lightly.
Over the last (almost) six years, we have laughed
and cried together, celebrated the joy of baby goats, mourned the loss of goats taken too soon,
and made innumerable precious friends.

So many memories were forged inside
our Yoga Corral - from intimate birthdays
and friendly social gatherings, to larger events like Texas Oncology Association, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas Children's Hospital, to being on
the hit show 
Indian Matchmaking on Netflix...
with a little mix of everything in between.

THANK YOU for your unwavering and continuous support of Goat Yoga Texas.
As a fitness modality, it certainly couldn't be beat
in terms of uniqueness and bringing a special kind of togetherness seemingly fostered only through
Yoga with goats.

Like we have said from the beginning...

"Yoga and goats. Who knew??"

From the bottom of our hearts,
we appreciate you,
we will miss you,
and we pray for blessings for you and yours.


In health,
Kimberly Pearson

PS - We have taken great care to ensure all of the Goat Yoga Texas goats went to amazing homes to retire and live out their days with as much love and care as we provided for them during their time with us.
Some went to be beloved pets, some went to therapy centers,
and others went to be professional eaters to clear land!
They are very loved additions at their new homes.

© Goat Yoga Texas 2023

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