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Kimberly Pearson

NBC-HWC, eRYT-200/500,
Primal Health Coach L2, CrossFit L1,
ELDOA Practitioner,
B.A. in Public Relations


What started off as a personal journey of health, wellness, and weight loss for Kimberly in 2010, has turned into a life passion, career path, and overall desire to positively impact the lives and attitudes of everyone that comes into contact with her. Kimberly is uniquely positioned as a leader in health and wellness and has been featured in several articles, magazines, and interviews. She even appeared with the goats on the hit Netflix show Indian Matchmaking in Episode 5!


Kimberly has been blessed to work extensively with Texas A&M, University of Houston, and Blinn College, the Texas Oncology Association, several drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, CFISD's Mental Health Alliance for high schoolers, along with many other philantrhopic organizations, as well as running a flourishing health and wellness coaching practice with a proven track record of client adherence... to say nothing of founding, teaching, and hand-raising world-famous Yoga goats for the Houston area's favorite Goat Yoga experience - Goat Yoga Texas.

Since Goat Yoga Texas' inception, Kimberly has taught almost 1,200 Goat Yoga classes, hosted over 12,000 students in her Yoga Corral, and completed over 2,000 total teaching hours making her stand out as one of the most experienced and engaged Goat Yoga teachers in the world.

Here is the story........

As a collegiate-level volleyball athlete at Texas State University and former star softball pitcher, Kimberly enjoyed being very athletic in her 20s. In 2004, a career-ending knee injury during volleyball sidelined her aspirations to continue sports in college. Her carbohydrate-heavy diet that fueled her athletic pursuits turned into her worst enemy, as Kimberly continued to eat things like pasta, cereal, cookies, and pizza with the wild abandon of a college student suddenly realizing no one will stop them from buying a cake and eating the whole thing, because "adulthood." The weight began to pile on.


In 2006, after gaining a tremendous amount of excess body fat, the previously athletic, capable Kimberly ballooned up to 260 pounds over the course of two years and became achy and sedentary. That same year, as a happy accident that turned into a pivotal life-changing encounter, Kimberly discovered Yoga as a way to deepen her mind-body-soul connection and somewhat alleviate the pain she still experienced in her knee and joints from a diet high in inflammatory foods.

Deeply unhappy with her current state and unwilling to accept the status quo, Kimberly began searching for answers. She started with the usual attempts at weight loss - frequent trips to the gym, running on treadmills, and starvation dieting. While that resulted in minimal success, the weight would never stay off, and Kimberly entered a painful several years of yo-yo dieting and calorie counting.

In 2010, a good friend introduced Kimberly to Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint where the success stories of others renewed her hopes that she wasn't just destined to be overweight due to genetics or a lack of willpower. She began studying about the effects of food on the body. It wasn't as simple as "calories in, calories out." There was a whole symphony of metabolic function that started to help Kimberly understand why she was struggling so much with her weight loss and joint pain.

Between 2010 and 2012, using the principles she cultivated through her Yoga practice paired with the knowledge and information from the Primal Blueprint, Kimberly successfully lost 75 pounds and started taking her life back! After regaining control of her diet, she decided to enroll in a Yoga teacher training to increase her understanding of mechanisms of Yoga and breathwork.

She graduated from The Yoga Institute with Lex Gillan April 2012 and began teaching her friends and family for free out of her home. Soon, she moved to offering classes at her local CrossFit boxes after work to help other athletes recovery faster from workouts, engage their muscles with more awareness, and utilize the breath effectively during lifting.

A few years later, Kimberly decided that a life of working in the corporate world with long commutes in maddening downtown Houston traffic on someone else's terms simply wasn't aligning with her lifestyle so she moved to Magnolia in far-northwest Houston to embrace a slower lifestyle with less stress and became an insurance agent. She specifically chose a small home on an unrestricted acre to allow for a grand experiment - chickens and goats for sustainable eggs and dairy (another seminal, life-changing decision that would ultimately lead to embarking on the grandest experiment of all)!

In 2017, after three years of reveling in the small hobby-farm lifestyle, Kimberly enrolled in the brand-new-at-the-time Primal Health Coach certification program. After her certification, she began helping women lose weight, get off the Standard American Diet, and take control of their metabolic health back.

Suddenly, at the end of 2017, Kimberly's friends began sending her messages about "Goat Yoga," whatever that was! Deeply offended by the prospect of "mixing farm animals and Yoga," she begged people to stop sending these types of communications to her. She vowed, despite being a Yoga teacher with goats, that she would NEVER have anything to do with Goat Yoga whatsoever.

Well, never say never! After a few more months and a little research into the benefits of Goat Yoga, Kimberly discovered that the fusion of animal-assisted activities and the healing power of Yoga and breathwork made for the perfect marriage between fitness and wellness. Shortly after Hurricane Harvey and the adoption of six, three-day-old baby goats (Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Annie Goatley, Calamity Jane, Pancho, and Lefty), Goat Yoga Texas was born. Seeing the need for a little levity and healing in the aftermath of Harvey, she offered her first Goat Yoga class....

..... and the rest, they say, is history.

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